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telling stories to friends xD

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well i was bored, and so i told my friend that i met this guy. said he was about 16/17, had nice hair, an adorable smile, dimples, and all that.

and i told her i was out to pizza w/ my sister, who was in the bathroom, and he slid into my booth, and he said some stuff bout not knowingi was there, and apologised, and i said it was no problem. he stared into my eyes, then smiled. we talked mysis came back and he left. then he was at the musical i was working at the nxt day, and at consessions, he ordered a sprit, which i was making. and i told her hes homeschooled, and his name is josh. and she yelled at me for forgetting his #, and that she wants to help me find him. lol

its so funny, and none of its tru! i wish it was tho :wub2: im visualizing him, and hes looking hawt


so i thought if there isnt a thread already, that we should have one, where we post stories we told our friends, and how theyre reaction was or something

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I never lie to my friends:mf_rosetinted:








:roftl:very funny story! i'll try to remember a story or two.....oh i do have one but it would offend some people so i'll keep it to myself:bleh:



haha its ok

well we got on a topic of one of our friends meeting a hot 19 yr old, while she was river rafting and stuff. and she was like "our lives suckk" so i decided to make a story

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