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Hello Liliana and welcome to MFC! 4 concerts already and some pics with Mika, you definitely belong here :wink2:

I feel i belonged here since ever... because i am a really Mika fan!:bleh:

But of course when i took my first pic i felt more special!:wub2:

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Eu tinha que pôr uma foto bonita no avatar e como ele está fofinho naquela!:bleh:

Eu até tentei disfarçar a foto, só para não me virem dizer que eu estou a fazer inveja as pessoas de propósito! :roftl:


tu pensas que tentaste disfarçar mas não tentaste! :mf_rosetinted:

aahah e sim,somos invejosas! porque será? :das:

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I never introduced myself "officially"!:blush-anim-cl:

So... I'm Liliana, i'm 21 years old and i'm from Portugal!

I'm registered here since July last year, and i'm a Mika fan since i heard him sing!:wub2:

I Just decided to write here when i went to Lisbon's gig.

I already saw Mika 4 times, and i'm completely addicted to his shows!:roftl:

You have to be patient with my english, because it's not perfect!


And...That's all!:wink2:


hi my name is madara and im 16 im from Latvia:wink2: welcome to MFC:wink2:have a great time:wink2:

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