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  1. Just stopping by to say HI!!! I miss you much!!

  2. Happy Birthday :happybday:


    We miss you on the Oldings :sad:

  3. Happy B-DAY to you :) !!!

  4. Dear Charlotte: Lately I haven't been on the MFC as much as I used to be, but I got on a few moments ago and saw that it's your birthday and I just had to wish you many happy returns of the day and best wishes for a wonderful year!


    --Joanne aka mommylovesmika

  5. To Paloma....I was so saddened to hear of what happened. I hope you have a very speedy recovery. I am praying for you and your family during this difficult time. Love, Charlotte
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  7. Hello! Anybody home? Hello!! Hello??? Hmm, looks like I get to help meself to the bar. Forgot that I acutally work here......I have the keys.
  8. You're aliiiiive! :wub2:


    Don't miss this, it's the best thing to happen in Mikaland for ages. :biggrin2:



  9. BOOooooo!! And, Mwhaaaaa!!! Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. Miss you muches!

  10. Oh Yay...I've missed this thread! Does this mean that I get to come back to work as a night shift Wench? You know, it's my dream. OMG...the stories I remember of working here. LMAO!!! I'm giggling now just thinking about them.
  11. Ooh, a Southern thread. I qualify twice. I'm from Mississippi but I now live in Southern California!! HEY Y'all!!!!
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