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My artwork


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When I was like 9 orso .. I don't know exactly, but it's been a while .. :roftl: Just going through some old school-stuff (don't have enough room to keep it all stored) ...


Don't have a clue what it is ...




Pay attention to the music-note-thingies .. was a very musical person back then .. not anymore.. my piano is pretty workless :blush-anim-cl:








It's funny to see it all back ... haha ...

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Nice sort of... knitting :das::thumb_yello:


:lmao: Well, uhm ... yeah ..




aawwww i love looking at old artwork! so, what were you planning on doing w/ the first one :naughty::roftl:


I really have no idea! Maybe you can tell? :roftl:

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