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MIKA: The Ultimate Collection!!!


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Hey MFC'ers!


How cool would it be, to have all the records and videos of our one and only Mika in A CD BOX? I'm busy with that one: it's going to be MIKA: The Ultimate Collection. I already have 4 CDs:


CD1: MIKA Life in Cartoon Motion (Just using my own copy)

CD2: Mika Live in Cartoon Motion (Sound rip from my dvd version)

CD3: Mika Live Parc Des Princes (Sound rip from my dvd version)

CD4: Mika Live at Koko (Sound rip from YouTube videos)


They are all going to be edited and made nice quality!

Well, to the point then: my actual question is who wants to help me?

I would like having help at:


* Sound Editing

* Cover Art

* Selecting (YouTube) videos


That's it for now, but I will eventually ask for help for other things too!


*The result probably may not be uploaded or posted in here!!!*



* Find high-quality recordings/YouTube vids for use on one of the CDs

* Make cover art for the dvds and Koko, London concert, fitting in a regular CD case

* Make YouTube vids proper quality: normal volume, without bleeps and with nice sound quality (not so computer-like)


Everybody can join in!!! (I hope some of you will)



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Question: May I do this as long as I don't post it on this site?


Hi Mark,


Actually, we can't control what you do off the MFC, but much of

what you're doing is potentially illegal -- I mean, if you rip from the

DVDs and CDs for your own personal use, that's one thing, but if you

have an idea to start passing those files around to other fans,

we really can't condone it here. You're infringing on copyrights.


I'm going to close the thread -- if you have any other questions

about this, please ask me or one of the other moderators. Thanks!



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