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Alyssa Bernal


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I stumbled on her site by pure luck. she has such a great voice!


she is 19 years old, from texas. i think she has a record label, but i'm not sure how "major" it is. i am thinking she'll go far! :thumb_yello:


here is her youtube site:




you will find tons of covers that she did, including i'm yours, hallelujah, bubbly, i kissed a girl, new soul to mention a few.


and her myspace:




give her a listen! :thumb_yello:

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I've seen her stuff on Youtube and she is quite good! :thumb_yello:


She did a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". She explains why she did the cover...the story sent to her must've really touched her.


oh i read that... something about a soldier's request


this cover of lucky is very nice


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looks like she finally got a record deal! good for her! :wub2:


here she is doing "bad romance" it's very good, minus the guitar :teehee:




here is "i'm yours"



wishing her good luck! :blush-anim-cl:

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