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Seeking advice for my publication design project!


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Just to see if anyone can give me some advice!


Recently one of my college projects requests every student to a make and design a magazine ourselves. We can decide any contents of it, including the feature story and columns.


So I've decided to make my magazine a color issue. And of course I am going to take MIKA for the feature story! I think it's good to develop with We Are Golden! :teehee:


but now i am starting from a blank paper so i want to seek help from you!


i want to know what people think about MIKA.

What do you think about the image and color best represents him.

What symbol or phrase best represents him.

or anything comes to your mind.



plus I would like to ask where can i find good interviews and high quality pictures of MIKA (esp pics and interviews related to the Boy Who Knew Too Much Album, that will suit We Are Golden better)?

'cause it would help a lot to make good contents, layouts and visuals!


i hope i can make it well!



sorry my language is not very good and clear, but hope you can help!









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nice project, You should show us when its done! :biggrin2:


You can find good quality pictures here:




The image and color that best represents him?

Jee, that is a hard question! When I think Mika, I think multicolored!

So I can't decide on one color.. just lots of bright and happy colors.


I think you can find a lot of good interviews if you look in the news section.. :wink2:


I hope I've helped a little! good luck with it.

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