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  1. YOOOO!


    I'm pretty good, my holiday officialy started today! so now I have finally got time to be on the MFC again, has been a while. how are you? :D


    I had to do an assignment for art at school, it had to be about your identity so Mika immediatly popped up in my mind, I did my own version of that drawing of his desk in the TBWKTM booklet, with stuff thats on my desk. But apart from that I haven't done that much drawing.. maybe I'll do that as well in my holiday! how bout you?

    I showed my brother the drawing you made, on the box you sent, and he was really impressed! and he doesn't like mika or art at all! :naughty:





    hey love! we havnt spoken in so long- missed you!! :huglove:


    how are you? what have you been up to? (any nice drawings? :das::wub2: )



  3. I can't believe its been a year already today I still miss him.
  4. Does anybody know if he'll be touring with Amy Macdonald in the summer? because she's coming to my hometown and I might go see her if jimmy will be there oh and I'll post my jimmy picture later, I'm so proud of it been showing it to everyone.
  5. I think its just for them to blend in as much as possible. You're not really suppose to see them, so thats why they're all dressed in black and stuff. but I agree, did look kinda scary
  6. definitely I'm so proud of my pic with him I've been showing it to everyone.
  7. Oh hello girl from druten I bet we're the only ones around Nijmegen who can say that they've seen Christian Louboutin I feel the same by the way, I'm so happy when I think about how amazing it was, but sad that its over now.. Although I do have Pinkpop to look forward to, but that will be very different. I'm glad I have the MFC to relive memories, else it would probably be extra empty.It feels surreal to think that we were in the HMH singing/screaming along just 24hours ago ! oh I just remembered something- a guy who's in my class lives in druten! I thought it sounded very familiar
  8. Totally! I was making my boss jealous today by telling her I saw louboutin damnit I want him to make me some shoeeees.
  9. I saw him too- it was after the show. I liked his shoes I thought it was pretty exciting to see him as well actually!
  10. I just got back home! - had to go to work first- Yesterday was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun! I was blown away by the show, I didn't expect it to be so big. I was right in front of Imma and Jimmy, which was really cool and Imma kept smiling at us. I gave Jimmy a present after the gig and he said he loved it and he gave me a hug He's so nice. I also took a picture with him. I was wearing the same watch as Mika- the green one- and he said: Hey, nice watch! but yeah, he was in a bit of a hurry, which is understandable as he was probably pretty tired. Oh and has anybody seen this yet? pretty good review and some nice pictures: http://www.muziek.nl/page/magazinedetail/Concertverslagen/17155/# and my memory card has just DELETED all of my pictures! they weren't that great anyway, but it still kinda sucks.
  11. YES TOMORROW ALREADY ! Relax is on tv (MTV) oh wow- it's 3 from 1 actually, top 3 mika songs!
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