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Hello tell me about your experiences with MIKA


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Mary, I don't think I knew that this was the first time you met Mika! Or, if I

did I forgot :wheelchair:


Some bits of that evening are still a blur in my mind, so...I can't guarantee I wasn't like this -> :drool: for a while! :roftl:


Yes, it was the first time I met him, and I'm really happy that it was so special, not just for me but also for the other people in the group (and for 3 of us it was the first time, only Liliana had met him before). :wub2:


What a great story. :wub2:


I feel that way about the first time I met him as well, in DC. Even though he

was ill, he was incredibly patient and sweet, and we had such a deliciously

long time with him, inside, in the warm and relative quiet (as opposed to

outside on a street), where he signed personalized autographs for everyone

and took lots of photos and chatted at length -- it was just the

best. I do wish every Mika fan could have a special moment like that.

:fangurl: Although I'm sure poor Mika would have to circumnavigate the

world several dozen times to make that happen! :naughty:


Aww :wub2:

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