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The David Whitmey Thread


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I saw there already was a thread called 'Mika's new keyboard player.. David Whitmey' or something, but I felt like he needed a new one :wub2:


I really like this guy! He is so talented.. he sings, plays the keyboard/piano, plays guitar (I saw a video of him playing guitar), trumpet; He is such a good and still super kind musician.


I had the opportunity to meet him twice, two days in a row some weeks ago and he was super nice to me each time. First, I met him when they arrived in Romania and went to the hotel, we took a picture together (my avatar) and I just letted him go and rest.. we was very happy though, just like he was surprised to see someone going and wanting to take a picture with him.


The next day, I was a lollipop girl and after the show I had the chance to give him the bracelate I wanted to, and he puted it on right off. I was in a rush when I gave it to him because I had to go and be part of the group photo w/ Mika, but still, he seemed to be so happy and thankful. It was real sweet :biggrin2:


I really hope he's going to have a brilliant life, musically talking.. and even if he's just the best keyboard player Mika ever had, I really wish him all the luck and maybe, he will start a solo career cos he really deserves it :mf_rosetinted:


PS! And he has a baby girl, how sweet :wub2: I think she is called Isabella!


His myspace: http://www.myspace.com/davidwhitmey




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