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Here is my piece of history!


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I first "saw" Mika on (mtv?) the video "Grace Kelly". Instantly i liked the originality and the energy, but, i thought "well, another "one hit" boy wonder".


Usually my sixth sense is "right on the money"... not in Mika's case. The first LP went by without making me look around...


So, what changed?

1) When i saw footage of Mika performing live. I said "Ok, here is a small version of the great Freddie M.".


2) Time went by, and by the time that the second LP came out, it came with a big surprise: "Live at Sadler's Wells". The moment i listened to this live recording, that's when Mika got my respect!


Yes, i'm a little hard on new artists, because 90% of them are... well, aren't, but this kid has a future. A great one.


About me? Who cares! (Ok... I live in Portugal, i would like to see the human race evolving into a type II civilization, and i would love to wake up one day and know how to play the guitar!)


P.S. NO, i didn't saw Mika's Live Show here in Portugal (it happened by the time the Iceland volcano erupted, so Mika had a hard time getting here), i'm too lazy to travel 300km x 2. I will wait for him to come to the "European Capital of Culture" in 2012 and hope for an ACOUSTIC show!! (just me wishing)


All the best!

That was a really interesting intro! Welcome to the MFC

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