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  1. Sounds great. Thanks Deb. I’ll send the money for myself and my friend @Purple Angel
  2. Treasa


    Hi Welcome to MFC You’ll enjoy it here and I know you’ll have a great time at the London gig because you’ll be with me. Come and join us in the Oldlings for a chat.
  3. I presume £20 is not just the food but also to include the hire of a space/room?
  4. This song is beautiful. I love it.
  5. :flowers2:


    1. Paoletta


      Happy birthdayyy :happybday:

    2. Treasa


      Thank you! 😘

    3. Paoletta


      also me I'm a domestic Goddess and also good housewife :yes:

  6. I'm still here also. Love the new logo. Thank you Silver. Now to figure out how to post the link in my signature.
  7. That sounds good Deb. My heart goes out to his poor mum. Nobody expects to outlive their children.
  8. Kind - that's the word that keeps popping up today when people are talking about Freddie and that's the feeling I got from him. Also that he was fun loving. The few times I met him were certainly fun. He will sadly be missed from our community. RIP David.
  9. Treasa


    Hello Fliss Welcome to MFC
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