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Firebird Wings for Apocalypse Calypso tour 2024

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Firebird Wings for Apocalypse Calypso tour 2024 !




Mika wrote


𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐝


#newshow #mikalive #apocalypsecalypsotour
📷 @danilodauriafoto @francescoprandoni












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Leviathan Workshop



posted on 27/02/2024


A moment to be grateful in a week of madness, it's Brits week so everything is full tilt.

But tonight @mikainstagram opened his 30+ date tour.


Normally my relationships with artists are managed or very brief, this was a whole different experience. Mika and I spent hours on the phone as he shared his vision and we did everything we could to help bring it to life. It's a big show, full of life and energy, and it all comes straight from Mika's head to the stage. I am flattered by the level of trust and humbled as always by the brilliant work of the team I am lucky to cultivate, none of this is possible without the dedication and creativity.

I can't wait to see the show in Barcelona, and thank you Mika for all of your trust and vision.


Proud to have supplied the set pieces for this tour. More photos to follow, thanks Mika for sending this picture of the wings and cage we built.





posted on 15/03/2024


More shots from fans of the beautiful wings we made for @mikainstagram

Wings are one of my favorite things we make, this set is based on our usual engineering, but improved. With a carbon fiber and aluminium structure we keep the weight down as much as possible. With both manufactured and real feathers to bring a realistic depth to the wings.
This set has both a wireless and wired option.

Mika looks incredible as he opens the show wearing them, get tickets if you can it's an incredible show. With one hell of an opening.

#propdesign #props #wings #feathers #costume #tour #artdirection #arenatour #propmaking #leviathanworkshop #carbonfiber #aluminium #mika #whatwedo #whatcanwemakeforyou








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posted on 29/02/2024


And so, a new adventure begins. The Apocalypse Calypso Tour is finally here.

This has been like a BOLD new chapter: taking things musically and visually, to a completely new place. Allowing me to perform in a new way. It has been such an exciting project, using the opportunity of the new French album to reinvent my live universe. So many new elements and collaborations to tell you about.

The nerves and emotions are flying high and we cannot wait to see you at one of the shows over the next few months.

See you tomorrow Bordeaux!

#apocalypsecalypsotour #mikalive #mikatour

🎥 @francescoprandoni




Apocalypse Calypso Tour Rehearsals




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The Bird Cage reminds me WAX MIKA in The Musée Grévin in December 2010.




MIKA and WAX MIKA's first outfit was a Dark Blue gold taped spencer jacket and Black jeans with a Bird Cage pendant and a feathered waist ornament.

( sadly that pendant was stolen...)





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Opening night of UK tour… and my wings break during the intro with almost 6000 people waiting..!

Thank goodness there’s always gaffer tape!
#brighton #apocalypsecalypsotour


5 hours ago, Mikasister said:





Opening night of UK tour… and my wings break during the intro with almost 6000 people waiting..! Thank goodness there’s always gaffer tape!

#brighton #apocalypsecalypsotour




The weight of Wings is 35 Kg !!

It's about the same weight as a 10 years old boy !

Mika singing and dancing ( jump, run ) with the Wings during Bougez !!




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February work at @leviathan_works making these gorgeous wings for MIKA’s tour.
Absolute blast!
First thing I ever made that made me want to do what I do for a living was a pair of pretty basic flappy wings!
To get to make a pair again, like this with so much more to them was a dream and worth every pin prick and needle stab into the fingers!
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