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MTV ask "Who Is Mika?"

Sunny Monkey

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We say if you don't know you don't deserve a channel! :) Anyway, here is some of what they had to say:


"Remember the buzz around Lily Allen before she became a household name? Mika could be the male version… Classically trained musician Mika (pronounce Meeka) is being touted as the next big thing before he’s even released a tune. The 23-year-old London-based dude’s tunes are big, funny, orchestral and poppy - we see him in the same vein as Scissor Sisters or Lily Allen… You read it here first!


So another male singer/song-writer?

I don’t say I’m a singer/songwriter because I don’t sit at my piano and moan – my thing is creating huge sounding pop records. My music reminds people of artists from the 80s and 90s.


Where’s the accent from?

Well, I’ve lived in London since I was 9, but I was born in Lebanon in 1983. I left there as a baby because of the war and lived in Paris for 8 years. My accent changes all the time but my parents were taught English in an American accent which I’ve picked up on.


Tell us about the first single 'Take It Easy/Billy Brown'…

It’s a little teaser single coming out on limited release on October 2. We started the ball rolling slowing but Scott Mills on Radio 1 made it his Record of the Week recently."

You can catch the rest over at MTV UK

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