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Mika @popstarz 26th jan


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Is anyone going to see Mika on the 26th? I'm desperately trying to get tickets if anyone can get hold of any could they let me know i would really like to go (if you don't mind me tagging along!) Jemma xxx

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Thanks for the help guys!

Let me know if you going, i'll see you there!

jemma xxx

p.s Today Scott Mills on radio 1 said he was going! I suspect there maybe a fair few people there! He also said that the album is fab!

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:blowup: Hello everybody! I thought you guys should Know that Mika just messaged me on my space regarding popstarz OH MY GOD!

If anyone is going please let me know so we can meet up! He is going to be looking for us with our badges on!

WOOHOO I am on such a high at the moment

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