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  1. :groupwave::groupwave: Thank you, thank you, thank you Queen Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! Prince Manny XOXOXOXOXO
  2. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane! How was the gig? Manny XOXOXOXO
  3. Great review Jemma! Glad to hear you had a blast! Manny XOXOXO
  4. Welcome! I loooooooooooooove your screen name, it's from a song from WICKED right? Manny XOXOXO
  5. When I went to Sugababes at HMV Oxford. They did give out wristbands. There was a sign that said "This is a wristband only event". So I went to HMV at 9AM on the day of the gig and got 2. Was back at 5PM, got their latest cd and went downstairs. Everyone was taking pictures. And Sugababes hung around to sign the last fan's cd. The way this is going, with gigs getting moved to other venues and dissappointing fans, I'm starting to think he will be a one cd wonder. He is very talented, but, again, whoever is doing his bookings needs to be replaced as soon as possible. And he just sang 3 songs? What a slap on the face to the fans that showed up. And don't believe the I will be back to do a signing comment he made. He will, but when his next cd comes out. :thumbdown: Manny
  6. JAAAAAAAAAAAANE! I'm doing ok, how was your weekend darlin? Big Texas-sized hug from Houston, Manny XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  7. You rawk to Glitzy! And so does Lil' Glitz! Remember this Mexican Wave from the SS Notts gig? Well, this one is just for you and Lil' Glitz! :groupwave: :groupwave: :groupwave: Love ya'll always! Manny XOXOXOXOXO
  8. Welcome Paul! Manny XOXOXOXO
  9. Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, some people asked me if I worked for MIKA's label. But, really I just consider myself his one-man street team here in Houston. Especially at the shops where I will go to on Friday (UK import CDs arrive on Friday) here in Houston to re-arrange the cds to have Mika's be in full view on the hot new imports aisle and side as well as get the cd to be in the listening stations. I have good contacts at the music stores, cause (and I'm tooting my own horn here) when I select a cd, and go through the trouble of requesting the re-arrangements and putting them on the listening booths, they always sell out. So welcome honey! I know you will love it here! :welcomeani: :welcomeani: Big Texas-sized hug to ya from Houston babes! Manny XXXXXXX
  10. WOW! She rarely comments about artists, fabbo! Manny xoxo
  11. Great screen caps Gany! Manny xoxo
  12. Woo hoo! Another Houston fan! Welcome! Manny xoxo
  13. Is this a joke? Looks like his record company wants to just squeeze as much money out of him as soon as possible. Whoever is booking his gigs needs to be replaced as soon as possible! And I liked Take That when I was a kid too, but c'mon. So much for his credibility, what's next? He opens for Westlife? Manny
  14. I'm thinking he did his press interviews the same day. But still! Manny
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