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I was at my friends' house last night and was preaching evangelically about Mika. Her brow wrinkled as the name triggered something in her memory. She pulled glamour magazine from the rack by her chair and amongst the adverts for shoes and lipsticks and the odd celeb gossip was a very small and brief article which says no more than we already know- his origins, when the single is out etc and a very nice pic of him lounging louchely on a couch or bed. If anyone has this to scan and show the others i'm sure the picture would be very much appreciated.

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This is actually a lovely picture of Mika, but alas I don't have a scanner either! I wouldn't bother buying the mag though as it is such a tiny article. If I were you just go to WH Smiths and look on page 147 for your fix! Unless someone here has the means and the ways!:wink2:

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I managed to scan the article :)


Here's the text incase you can't read it :)


He's got tunes to rival the Scissor Sisters and an A-list fan club. Not bad for 23.

Not since The Rocky Horror Show have concert-goers embraced the fancy dress sentiment like they do at a Mika gig. "I've had glitter-bugs, lollipops, nuns; you name it," admits the Beirut-born Parisian artist who cites Freddie Mercury as an influence. " The crowd is so passionate - when I performed in Glasgow they sang along so loudly my band couldn't hear themselves play!" Pretty impressive considering he hasn't even released a single. He's also attracting admirers in high places - Elton John is rumoured to be a fan, and fellow musicians Beck and Dan Gillespie from The Feeling are "flatteringly supportive". We guarantee he'll be big news in 2007 and his debut single, Grace Kelly, has floor-filler written all over it. You have been warned.


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