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Grace Kelly - Freddie's Piano Accoustic version?


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Im sure it was said a few days ago this would be released soon - MIKA on the great Queen frontman's famous piano is something I am DESPERATE to hear!!


Anyone heard any news on this, or is it out for download already and I havent found it...? :thumb_yello:

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I had similar problem at Christmas. Bought it for a bunch of friends worldwide, and found they could only download if members of UK store.


Hmm... I haven't discovered how to get a refund.


I'm really disappointed too that a lot of Mika stuff (the mixes) is via 7Digital, and not iTunes. 7Digital doesn't allow download to Macs - Windows only I discovered to my cost a while ago - but it still took my money. Had to resort to buying the vinyls to get remixes and the bother of converting to mp3.


However you can get Dodge Holiday EP on 7digital HERE. - Island Tunes store. I don't know if that would be any better for overseas people. You could ask Cstomer Service HERE.



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Hey Jason, if you check the NEWS section of http://www.mikasounds.com dated 17/1/07, it states that the version you are looking for with Mika at Freddie's Grand Piano is the acoustic version found on the Dodgy Holiday EP (iTunes/UK store). Incidentally, Dodgy Holiday is NOT available in the US. If anyone would be willing to burn me a copy...I'd be happy to paypal you some $! :-)

Jim in Seattle



Grace Kelly isn't on Dodgy Holiday.


The two tracks there that are on Freddie's piano are

Love Today

My Interpretation


Can anyone confirm about a Grace Kelly version on FM's piano?



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Was checking my email and found one from Island Records, offering a download-only version of Life in Cartoon Motion, with Grace Kelly, Stuck in the Middle and Relax, Take It Easy all with accoustic piano - if its not Freddie's then it sounds a lot like it...!


What do you think?

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