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hello from the US!


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hello obviously, im a new member on this place. i live in the California and am 13 years old.


the first time i heard mika was when i was listeng to bbc radio 1 on siruis radio and i heard the end of an amzing song. i looked and it said Grace Kelly by MIKA. even though i only coaught the last 30 seconds of the song it was enough for me. i instently fell in love. i seroursly ran into my room, got on my computar, and downloaded the grace kelly single and love today single from itunes. Grace Kelly is the third most played song in my itunes libary even though i have only had if for 4 days.


i love mika becase he has so many differnet sounds. i know every one says this, but i serously think he is a modern day freddie mercury . freddie is the only other person who can hits notes as high as mika. accualy reverse that, freddie came before mika. sorry.


i serously can not wait for the album.

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