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Greetings all you fellow Mika fans!


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So, I came to say hello!


I'm a 15 year old Mika fan from Finland. I've been following this forum for a while and now I finally dared to sign up! (This is a fantastic site by the way! :thumb_yello:)

I discovered Mika's great music couple of months ago from Brian's soapbox. I fell

in love at once to his amazing voice! I first thought he was finnish (Mika is a very common name in Finland) and that he can't be. He is too good to be a Finn :biggrin2: Then I got to know the truth and I was a bit sad, 'cause that means I will probably never be able to see him perform live :sad: I hate to live here too far away from my dear Mika!!!

My fav Mika song at this moment is Love today though i haven't heard yet all his songs 'cause here Life in Cartoon Motion doesn't come out until 7.3 and I'm waiting so unpatiently. Hoping time flies fast! :wink2:

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