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In Tent On A Good Time

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11 February 2007


Siobhan Grogan In Berkeley Square, London


IF you like your music serious and fun-free, look away now. Mika Penniman has already attracted disapproval from certain dour critics unsettled by the fact they weren't required to give permission for the 23-year-old newcomer's runaway success.


Regardless, Lebanese-born Mika's rise to stardom seems unstoppable now. He came from nowhere to Number One on downloads alone with the brilliant Grace Kelly and is currently enjoying his third week in the top spot while the rest of the country wonders just who this deliriously joyful newcomer is.


Just a handful of the curious packed into this T Mobile street gig in a circus tent in Berkeley Square to see for themselves.


This wasn't your average concert, and it featured free popcorn and toffee apples, circus performers warming up the crowd and a man making elaborate hats from balloons.


"Welcome to the 10th birthday party of my dreams," said beaming Mika when he finally arrived, dressed all in white save his yellow braces and shock of dark curls. He switched between jigging around and waving his arms like a demented Sacha Baron Cohen, and sitting down for some flamboyant Elton John-style piano, all the time dazzling everyone with his spectacular falsetto voice.


A lanky star with flailing limbs should have looked out of place on stage, but with Mika somehow this only added to his considerable presence. He virtually oozed cheery charisma as he sped through one perfectly-formed pop song after another, kicking up his heels in time to the disco beats and making Scissor Sisters sound positively miserable.


By the end, Mika was standing on his piano stool, orchestrating a jubilant singalong to Grace Kelly like he couldn't quite believe his luck.


When he returned for an encore of Lollipop, huge balloons appeared for the crowd to bounce above their heads, while Mika was joined on stage by (who else?) men in comedy monkey suits and cheeky burlesque dancers.


All told, it wasn't a night that will be easy to top but, somehow, you just know Mika will think of something.




Love Today

Billy Brown

Everybody's Talking

Big Girl

Over My Shoulder

Stuck in the Middle

Grace Kelly





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Keep an eye out here... I'm sure I read somewhere that T Mobile might broadcast the show... can't remember which thread or forum I saw that in.. will have a dig around :wink2:


.... just found it.. saw it on mikasounds.com forum..posted by DivineMrsM "Apparently there will be highlights on Transmission with T Mobile on C4 23rd March." Can anyone verify? :bleh:

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