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hello. I live near Newcastle in Hexham.

I like listening to music. Beck and Rufus Wainwright in particular (I have almost all of becks albums. There are two I don't have).

Saw Mika on Later... but didn't take much notice for some reason. I think my parents might have said something about him being a bit weird. Then I was looking on a friends my space and mentioned a gig to them on msn but couldn't find the tickets for that one but did find that my mum had bought tickets for Mika gig so invited them to that. Listened to Mika on my space then bought the album a few days after it came out because i messed up the order on the internet. Love the album and have been listening to it over and over again since I got it.


I enjoy go to the cinema but don't have friends who would want to go with me. I had to drag them to go and see I heart Huckabees, they loved it and were hitting each other on the head all the way home (see film for it to make sense).

Make funny stuff with friends like Gimli Potter and a thing about a person who doesn't want to buay mushtard (how it is said on thing). If any one is interested I could try to get them on the internet. Gimli potter is on a website but I can't remember how to get there.


I like making things. Crochet mad at the moment. Wanted to learn how for years but something happened which ment I couldn't but then my mum bought me a book and taught myself how to do it using the book. Will be wearing a top I have made to Mika gig. I have my art coursework which I could take pictures of if anyone wants to see it.


Long post I know

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