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Sheet Music?


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I second that...I'd love to play Grace Kelly or Love Today on piano, but seeing as Mika's stuff is relatively new, I dunno if the sheet music will be in circulation yet...unless someone around here can play by ear and can pretty much figure out what the notes are...

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Thanks a bunch for the effort but I didn't find anything on that website... but i could be wrong .. im pretty much internet retarded. I sat at my piano and learned the first part of Grace Kelly using this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC9UzFhNlbA. When I finish I'll be sure to write down the music and scan it somehow... it might take a few days though.. i can barely ever find time anymore to sit at the piano.

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I tried to improvise and I kind of got the basic melody - I don't have perfect pitch so I can't play by ear, but I can read music. I would love sheet music!


If anyone has good pitch and can play by ear, I think you can hook a keyboard up to a computer and it will record the music. On a Mac with iLife, there is a program called Garage Band and you can use it to record musical notes.


Also, is it possible to conver .mp3 to .midi? I think you could then get the musical notes. I know that there are ring tone .midi files available for Grace Kelly and others.


Sorry - I'm not tech savvy enough to figure this stuff out!


Jeffery in San Francisco :wink2:

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