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Valentine Atlanta Performance?

Cautionary Wife

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Mika will be in Atlanta on Valentine's Day.


I picked up on Google a snip that Mika would be doing a speial Valentine's performance on USA Radio.


"WZGC 92.9 FM.

Join DAVE FM for a special Valentine’s performance with MIKA...."


Check out DaveFM radio 92.9 Atlanta.



You should be able to listen on line - but at present I don't have a time.


However, there is no note of any performance in the station calendar on there. This may have been called off and just something Google is holding on to, but I am making enquiries.


Anyone got any more info?




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Well, I have two passes and have sort of procrastinated on who to bring with me. I want to enjoy it myself and I don't want to bring anyone I have to entertain or worry about if they are going to like it. Anyone on here available to go to this with me???

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o.k. everybody!!!!! Here's the scoop...

This event was amazing!!! It was a small room with just a keyboard set up. He just ran in, sat down, and performed three songs: My Interpretation, Love Today, and Grace Kelly

It's hard to translate what that really means because I was 7 feet away from him... you know? There's no where to hide and it really showed off his talent.


It was nice to meet the people there!


I asked about the 17th in Atl. (someone posted this date) and they said there was nothing planned in Atl. then so..... maybe just bad info. or maybe it was promotional at another station or something. Let me know if anyone has info. on this. If he's here, I want to be where he is!


Tonight Show 3.26.07

Good Morning America 3.29.07

Jimmy Kimmel 3.29.07 (tapes 3.27.07)

soon to be announced...........SNL!!!!!!!!!!! that will be awesome

and Dave Letterman- I love Dave but never get to watch him

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I meant to post this here....


That youtube post is my video!!! I have another one on there that I kept private with the intention of figuring out how just you guys can see it! I just figured out the youtube stuff and haven't taken the time to learn how to post on here yet.

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Let me try this..... if anyone trys to view this, let me know what happens. Sorry I am new to this kind of stuff.



this message comes up:


This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request

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