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Old Guardian review of Life in Cartoon Motion


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I thought perhaps Billy Brown could be Big bad Leroy Browns nephew?? Everyones entitled to their view I guess, but honestly I only managed to skim the article as some peoples point of view arent worth listening to....too much criticism in there, hurts to read it, even if i could agree with it.


We all have our influences in whatever field we are in and can try to copy, but how many of us would suceed? Mika has a wealth of musical experience, if he was doing all what that article said he would be so busy contriving his next move he would not have time to make fabulous musicand give performances...

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The Observer wasn't kind either.


Mr Petridis at the Guardian needs to WASH HIS EARS OUT and quote correctly ('And they'll be calling you Baby') if claiming to quote someone's lyrics. He must have an evil little mind to make up his own lyric and then put his own disgusting spin on it.


Total Sicko!!


Drowned In Sound - there is absolutely no justification for calling someone a 'diseased Leo Sayer'. DiS also came back with a 2nd report commenting on the double number one. Again, true to their form... and their reader comments just as nasty. Not recommended reading. I don't think it is a coincidence that their site also known as 'DiS'. That's exactly what it does.


Angry CW.


PS Still, I'm glad that the Big Guy saw fit to stand in Mika's corner. Totally commendable.

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