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I heard Grace Kelly on the radio a few weeks ago & it just hit me straight away as one of those BRILLIANT songs. I kept hearing it, but always missed the artist. I thought it might be Robbie, but wasn't sure (I bet he wished it was but I gather he is currently in rehab so I hope he gets the help he needs).

I then spent ages researching Mika on the net & downloaded his album after hearing bits on his MIKASOUNDS website & loved all the tracks (I think Relax is my next fave after Grace Kelly).

I'm a 42 year old mother of 2 & when I was 17 used to spend all Sundays listening to the top 40 on 3 different stations & never missed Top of the Pops. I've been to loads of gigs, concerts etc since then & like what I like when I hear it so my range is very varied.

I would have thought I'd have grown out of chart music by now but it seems not - I still dance around the house while cleaning, rave on about various new bands & LOVE going to concerts. Even my husband (who is not as music mad as me) thinks Mika is great & is going to be a big star & we're both looking forward to seeing him in Manchester Academy on 27th Feb.

Thanks for this web site - you've obviously worked hard & enjoy it.

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