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I have been asked to introduce myself.. so here goes :wink2:


My name is Zahara (actually it's Zahara Joycelyn Fieke Annephine :blink: ) i'm

  • 17 years old (since feb. 13th)

  • a die-hard piano player

  • In love with Mika!! (who isn't!? :blush-anim-cl: )

I "fell in love" with him about two/ three weeks ago, and since then i've been listening to Life in Cartoon Motion non-stop!:wub2:


I think it's the one of the best albums i've heard so far!! :naughty:


other artists i like: The Corrs, KT Tunstall, Norah Jones, Terra Noami, Pink, Fall Out Boy and the other typical teenage-stuff :bleh:


If anyone would like to know more about me, i would be glad to answer your questions!!


xX Zahara

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