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hello everybody!!! nice to meet you all!


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The first time I ever listened to Mika was on the radio in my car on the way to work and the song was Grace Kelly. At that time I didn't know who sang it or what was it called so I thought "Hm, a Queen song I know nothing about?" and I made a mental note to look it up. I forgot until one day I was talking to one of my colleagues about music and she said she had seen on TV a very strange but catchy song called Grace Kelly by some guy called Mika. The same day,I listened as usual to some music and absent-mindedly browsed through a UK compilation and there it was...


Anyway, I think I listened it for about twenty times that night. Next day I got the album and searched the net for information about him or anything reated to him. I believe that indeed, he is not just another pop star but an artist who is here to stay. It'll sound grand but the world was really craving for a musician, for someone who would be the next big thing. We are all kind of fed up with so much commercial music and false pop stars...

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