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Solo star Mika set to grace Ulster with his presence during first UK tour


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Belfast Telegraph


Friday, February 16, 2007


By Tina Calder


Wacky singer Mika is set to play in Northern Ireland this year.


The star, who's debut single, Grace Kelly, and album, Life In Cartoon Motion, shot to number one in the charts this month, announced his first UK tour dates for London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds.


But a source at the 23-year-old's record company has revealed that gigs are to be announced in Ireland, both north and south, in the near future. The insider added: "Mika has a huge autumn tour planned for this year and it will come as no surprise that we intend to travel to Ireland and Northern Ireland for this.


"We have only announced a few dates for a small tour in May but we fully intend to extend this throughout the year."


Meanwhile, Mika is currently celebrating hitting the 100,000 sales mark this week and selling out a small tour throughout the UK this month. He says it's bitter-sweet revenge on the record companies who turned him down all these years for being "too weird".


"There was one record company I went into a meeting with and they then spent an hour telling me that I had to write songs that were just like everyone else" he said, adding: "So I went home and wrote Grace Kelly and a little 'stick you' song, I recorded it, typed up the lyrics and sent it to them and they never called me back".

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