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I just typed it all out a minute ago and it just vanished. I nearly screamed at my computer, it was very frustrating. Well it did say that Mika was brilliant, original, that 10 out of 11 Life in Cartoon motion tracks were brill (They weren't keen on My Interpritation, they say he's more talented than that.), they liked Love Today and gave it five stars. This is the bit I liked:

"Mika doesn't live up to the hype- he surpassess it."

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I'll do that next time Sunny monkey, I nudged the escape key or something by accident. Just out of interest, seeing as the thread about the donations is closed, what is a suitable donation? I've got a couple of pounds lefyt over on my 3v card that I won't be able to spend on anything.

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They onli sed that they didnt like my interpretation cos it sounds too much like a Robbie Williams track...

anyway there is a realli good interview on channel4.com with mika - its called "my life in two minutes" i kno its onli 2mins but its realli gd (looks so cute on it :P)... jus go 2 http://www.channel4.com double-click on entertainment then double-click on music then it shud be on there...

anyway thats all for now :P

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