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simply the best!!!!!!1


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There are playing 'Grace Kelly ' on Radio one at the moment (16:19)

I still think it is all round one of the best songs I have listend to for a long time because it sums it all up in one song, the music industry should play it on loop:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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I actually give the reception classes a real treat, playing Radio one as 'soft' background music to stimulate their minds (of course the real reason is for me to hear if something is being played or said!) It works wonders.


today I had an Early Years inspector in and I found myself having to explain the music and the reason for it!!

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Hi jengafer,


No, I've got tickets for birmingham, but I'm actually thinking of getting the London gig onestoo, off e-bay, althugh they are already very stupidly prized...


I am also spending much too much time on here, but there is so much to reply to, to find, to write about and when I see stinking reviews, I just have to put my case accross.... so sleep suffers.... so up goes the radio 1 volume in class the following day...

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