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For the Dutchies! Mika in Volkskrant


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I'm gonna by it to Blue, always nice to have a picture of Mika sitting on a bed :blush-anim-cl: and to Tia.. the Volkskrant is a paper for mostly I would say businesspeople? You gotta help me with that one Blue but anyway I barely understand half of what there saying in Dutch so for me translating it to English would be a very bad translating haha :bleh: maybe someone else is up to it?

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The Volkskrant is quite populair among students, art minding people and the higher educated. I might say NRC is the typical newspaper for business people, but I get your point: the article is not really written in 'plain/simple' Dutch.


Too bad that I don't actually have time to translate the interview, it's a nice one! Maybe a good translation program on the internet will help for the online version?

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Mika: "Which artist in the charts would ever sing about men with a secret homosexual relationship?"



In addition: in the first paragraph of the article Mika is described as follows:


'The new Craig David? Such a mellifluous airbrushed r&b star? The difference couldn't be any bigger. This tawny young man - curly-head, faded jeans, t-shirt and colourful bead necklace from the third world shop - rather looks like a working student who just returned from orange picking in a kibbutz'.

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