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  1. see i held off from ranting in here as it seemed everyone else appeared fine with mika cancelling glasgow except of course you shoni, angie & wendy but im still well pissed off with mika oh and btw why my mate was up on sat & he told me the ticket sales before the gig was cancelled were really poor if mika is brave enough after not telling us the real reason for cancelling on us i suggest he aims lower & maybe gives us the gig he owes in somewhere like king tuts or oran mor .... stupid man
  2. awww whit man ... gutted ... but not suprised after my mate telling me that he hasnt sold many tickets ... oh well at least i saw scritti politti last night.
  3. dont worry i will be without a ticket too unless i need to pay for them whats the plans for queuing on sunday anyway .... anyone have a start time ? dont want to be starting too early since im bringing my boy andrew with me, dinnie think he`d be up for being on his feet from early doors plus in the cold for so long.
  4. oh well i did offer to meet him there but no reply back .... i could have whoop whooped & all that palver, his loss i guess btw christine thanx for the recording as i got that bored with the chatting on that show that i fell asleep just before mika came on
  5. if anyones gonna watch this its on bbc2 & the shows called The Review Show.
  6. aye right ... i bet your in yer bed by midnight ya auld fogy
  7. i dont have them as im still hoping for guesties for the gig ... however my mates works for a ticket company & he`s put 2 by for me just incase he cant get me freebies so i popped into his shop n took a pic of them.
  8. still dont know if i can make this after going to see scritti politti on the friday night in edinburger due to being ... hungover & skint but if they dont sell out today my dear friend will be putting 2 aside for me but fingers crossed for some guesties.
  9. surprised to see no-one has been stalking my twitter today - Sheena Phillips ‏@cannie_be_arsed Mika - Celebrate (feat. Pharrell Williams): via @youtube @romeoindemand & @JimGellatly get this on the radio now ! Jim Gellatly ‏@JimGellatly @cannie_be_arsed Playing it tonight on In:Demand Uncut. first air-play in glasgow ..... i think
  10. home after a 12 hr bus journey .... the things we do for a mika fix oh yeah the gig - ballocks pretty sums it up for me ! i was expecting to hear all mika`s new songs not the same old pishy billy brown then to top it all after the gig there was a comp running for 30 lucky people to hear mika`s new songs & they would be told who had won when my bus was leaving for home .... poor poor poor! so for me the best part of my wee visit to London was the meet-up with my fellow mika fans
  11. well thats suits me as i cannie be going queuing all day after doing an all nighter on a bus ... phew ! but still gonna have to work out how long its gonna take me to get from victoria bus station to soho.
  12. just popping in to make its still all go .... not doing that bus journey for nowt ..... so who`s queuing early ? i need someone on hand to direct me to the nearest starbucks after i roll off that bus in the morn
  13. you too fellow c**t thats if i dont slash my wrists on the bus journey up there ... not looking forward to that
  14. seemly it is according to heaven`s facebook page .... tho .... ive seen tons on fleabay for sale !
  15. gotta be tool & lola fecking hate underwater ... i wish mika would scrub it from the album & replace it with hmdylm !
  16. gonna get those peddle-pushers too .... he looks gawd damn awful in them :eek:
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