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Hello...yet again


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So I was in the movie theatre with my mom (waiting for the movie to start) when the "Grace Kelly" video started playing. I was blown away. Sadly I missed who the artisit was and what the song was called. I could not get that tune out of my head...which made me ever more mad that I didn't know what it was called. A week later I went back with my friend. We were looking through the movie magazines and there was an ad of four different artists and their new CD's. When I saw Mika there and yelled with excitement (and got a few looks from others) and immediately afterwards went home and downloaded some songs (I plan to buy the CD A.S.A.P). Now I play it all the time and have even got two of my housemates on board.

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Nice that must have been a great way of discovering Mika ...i would love to see the grace kelly video on a theater screen

id probably get up on stage and start singing and dancing to it tho hehe


Welcome to the forums

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