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Spare Mika tickets - Leeds


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Oh calamity! lol! Okay, so I'd ordered tickets for Leeds for quite a group of us, however a group of my friends have realised that they're gonna be on holiday 13th May (Idiots!)... As our tickets are venue pick-up, there's not a lot we can do. So if anyone needs tickets, give me a PM.


£14.25 a ticket... the downside being you'll have to meet me on the door to get them (!) :thumb_yello:


Who would rater be in greece that sunny Leeds?! lol :thumbdown:

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This sale is ok as you are looking at a person to person sale. Please remember folks that NO sales of tickets are to be done THROUGH these forums unless they are using an ebay auction or will be given in person at the doors of the event. :)


Those of you that are buying please be careful of where and when you get tickets and do as much as possible to validate the person is who they say they are, that the tickets are real etc.


As far as I know, hobnob is ok though ;) lol



Sunny :)

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Check your inbox hobnob:thumb_yello:


hope i can get to see him live finally:wub2: Recently moved to the UK for my job, just 3 months later i fell in love with our Mika! This moving was unplanned and came as a surprise!:cool:

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