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Hey Y'all!


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HI! I'm Ashley and i'm sooo addicted to Mika now...and i blame my step dad which is sooo odd since usually our taste in music runs two totally different ways.


But it seriously was his fault, see he's from Scottland and we decided to go over and visit his family. So we went and we were at his grandmothers house, and i got bored so i turned on my Zune and put it on the Radio....what was playing? Grace Kelly, and i listened to it and just fell in love with it.


The tragedy was mom made me put away my zune before they said who sang it, so i bemoaned the loss of ever finding out for almost a week, and then today i got bored at home and turned on our XM radio and Grace Kelly was on! I FREAKeD out and ran to find out who it was...i looked him up and have been watching his videos on YouTube ever since!


Although after careful cosideration i do believe i like Love Today just a liiiittle bit Better.

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