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Well Hello There!


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right 1st off i am sorry i should have said hello two months ago, but to be honest i got caught up in the forum and haven't looked back since.


my name is eric, aka shelshead. 31 married to jaycee who is also nuts about MIKA, to tell the truth i came accross a copy of the album before its release, and yes i felt horribly guilty about this, i destroyed it and waited for the release date. when it came i was amazed i then started to spread the word of mika according to eric, and i think to date i have converted about ten people, all of whom have bought copies of the album.


i have a major problem though, when i like something i want more, i want limited editions, singles, different versions from other countries and anything to do with MIKA, i have never been confirmed with OCD, but i think i may be getting it.


I love music - i can listen to anything from My Chemical Romance up to Mozart, other artists i like are, Belinda (!!) seriously lads check her music out it rocks, some day she will be huge this side of the pond, Coldplay, Robbie Williams (although i think his standard is dropping), The Fray, The View, Imogen Heap, Director (The New U2, and they're from Ireland), and of course Queen (i grew up (debatable) listening to Freddie and the lads i have also had the compulsion to buy all their albums and singles on tape and cd), and many many more artists.


once again i am sorry i never said hello to you all when i first found the site but i was and still am addicted to the mikafanclub forum.


ps mods, feckin great site.



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hello and welcome:) I love my chemical romance 2!!! and it looks like they are both releasing at the same time ... nitemare 4 the no1 slot!! have fun here in the forums

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