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Mika's Watch!!!


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I was watching the NDR interview and I noticed one (of three) of the watches that Mika was wearing!!!!! When I saw it looked super familiar, then I remembered where I saw it!!!! I went watch-shopping two weeks ago and I tried on the VERY SAME WATCH because it reminded me of the artwork on LICM! I was hesitant over which watch to get, now I know for a fact I'm getting the LICM-ish watch!




My fellow Mika Maniacs and Mikaholics...this watch is called 'Bird Twister' and it's made by SWATCH.


You can find it here if you live in the UK and here if you live in the US :D


Sherlock Sou to the rescue once more :P LOOOL!


Speaking of 'Sherlock'...Bexxy and I are on a mission to find the other two watches Mika is wearing; who's with us?!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink2:





oh yessssss!! yay!!


you don't know how long I was searching for his watches! hehe:roftl::roftl:



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