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Mika on Rhapsody


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Hi there in the US!


Have you noticed that in Rhapsody music service is some new Mika stuff?


He has his own playlist in Celebrity Picks section and there is also a interview which has been done just before Jay Leno Show.


The site is available only in the United States so maybe someone can download and share? :)

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This reply is years late but I only recently found this interview myself. I think you need to sign up for a Rhapsody account. After that, it's a free download for the whole interview. It's a good one, because it talks about his start in music, and it also addresses the bullying he experienced. He says that if he had the chance to have it easier in school, he would take it because he still hates the people who bullied him. Then he says that kids who are being bullied now shouldn't pretend that it isn't happening but keep in mind that school doesn't last forever. It's actually a very interesting interview about growing up, and having been kind of an angst-sy teenager, a lot of what he says makes a ton of sense. I'm always taken aback by how thoughtful he is.

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