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  1. im doing the IB, much like A' levels just less fun, more subjects, heaps of coursework and a boring, pointless Theory of Knowledge course. just wrote my mocks. passed with equivalent to AAAAAB only the grades are like, 7,7,7,7,7,6. have finals in may.
  2. I totally and utterly love Patrick Dempsey! He was excellent in Enchanted!
  3. Well spotted. He sure does look like Ben Stiller. But I think he's more like a cross between Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson. i hated the first 2 single but dont mind worst case scenerio. Ben Stiller is awesome btw. undisputable king of the magnificent Frat Pack no doubt.
  4. Chirikatotekimeiku nothing japanese about mine:naughty: sound red indian actually.
  5. In all fairness, MIKA should win even without Ronson saying it(no offense to fans) . MIKA sings and does his own stuff. Mark.....collaborates and covers. it would have been better to put a producers' category for him. then no competition at all. was quite shocked actually when he was nominated for solo male. Best breakthrough; MIKA no doubt!
  6. Yay! 4 nominations! Just as I guessed. Hope he doesnt do a lily allen. mark ronson shouldnt really be in the best male category, he doesnt sing.(no offence to his fans). Fingers crossed for MIKA. great that many people respect him now. i hope even more realise that he is the biggest thing in pop right now. the 3 world music awards gongs should get that into their heads at least.ALL THE BEST MIKA
  7. to be honest, MIKA's nominations should be Best Male, Best Breakthrough, Best Single. .......and best live act hehehhehe:roftl:
  8. it working people lets keep on voting. we are with .2% of that xfactor girl.
  9. i knew michael buble was a Mika fan but i didnt know it could get this far. hahaha. the *joke* at the beginning is just cover up for his embarassing enthusiasm at covering a song he cant sing well. the guy couldnt help it. he just had to sing GK. but then dont we all.....
  10. cool! all culprits should be brought to book:punk:
  11. YAY !at least someone somewhere knows who should be bagging awards:naughty: He just has to pick the same number of gongs at the BRITS next year.cant wait
  12. i love MCR, FOB, BFS and the Killers. they are good
  13. yay MIKA is one of the contenders. :punk: hope he is in the Top 10
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