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  1. he girl i am mai and im 14

    i was wondering if we could be friends

    if u like us to be friends u can post me a message:)

    i hope u do ;)

    lol !

  2. Welcome! Have fun here! I'm sure you will
  3. I want to be in!! I adore his smile... and his laugh
  4. I've bought a HUGE poster at the gig in Amsterdam I totally love it. I have more posters off course... but I don't have a pic I'll make one soon
  5. I've bought the dvd today and I'm soooooo happy! It's even better than I expected! I really like the idea of the book and when I opened it and saw the pic... I just thought "wow, this is awesome!" I really like the photos, especially the first one, the one where he puts his jacket on and the last one with the green trousers And the documentary... Mika is so sweet! Oh, I almost forgot the gig: AMAZING
  6. Hihi I got mine today too I really like the idea of the book and the pics are just gorgeous. Especially the first pic when you open the book, the pic where he puts his jacket on and the last one: with his green trousers
  7. Thanks for posting! I totally love the pics
  8. Hmm... isn't that photo old?? I've already seen it. I quite like his haircut at the pic. It's so different and he looks older. But off course I like his curls the most
  9. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH:punk: I really hope that Holy Johnny will be on his second album too! Can't wait!!
  10. Interesting Hihi, They were too cheesy
  11. Off course I voted! I have such a feeling that Mika is going to win Oh yeah, that would be amazing:punk:
  12. Eeh... I don't hear any likenesses actually But off course it's very cool that Billy Brown was on the radio!!
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