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Found a New Mika Song!


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Maybe i'm a day late and a dollar short on this one-But I was cruising on MYSPACE and hit Mika videos and there is a new song there! It's Called Your Sympathy. Couldn't wait to share!:mf_lustslow:


It Is A Beautiful Song, And It's Relatively New, But Most People Here On MFC Know About It, There Are Actually Even More.


He Also Does A Cover Of "Hips Don't Lie," By Shakira. It's Pretty Funny.


Pretty Song Isn't It?

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:roftl: Heehee Yay, I couldn't be more glad that its caught on so well! :wub2::biggrin2: I do believe bosoming snazztacular is the perfect descriptive phrase for things that are just too great for any other words :naughty: Certainly there are no more appropriate words (with the exception of "mikagasm", I think) that are more mikappropriate for this bosoming brill forum and its snazztacular members. :naughty:


Huh? :confused: Too early in the morning. :naughty:

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