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Hi, I'm in at last! yay!!


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I joined a few days ago but for some reason my activation emails (all 3 of them:lmao:) only turned up this morning!:blink:


I first discovered Mika whilst browsing the Extra Venue Exclusive video's on Yahoo Music, some time ago now. I watched him sing 'Billy Brown' and was totally blown away. He is an amazing breath of fresh air the music industry right now, IMO!!


Thank you for having me here!

I look forward to getting to know you all.


I do know Freefall, who also joined a few days ago!:biggrin2:


Take care and have a lovely weekend!:punk:

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Hey I was on GOOGLE.COM when I saw a link to this website......I absolutley love Mika......


I can be brown....I can be blue....I can be violet...sky....I can anything....I can be anything....at all......


Well, umm..... do you know where I have to go to find out if Mika is having a concert in FL.....YOu can also email me to reply on vballchick1294@aol.com






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