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So, I'm going to see Mika in Chicago 11.06.07...


the thing is.. with GA tickets is it a first come first serve thing when it comes to seats? I was looking on ebay and they have a set of tickets that say GA floor.. is this guarenteed, then? or how does it work?


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sometimes its good and sometimes not :)


for mika shows on june its good cause i dont mind getting there early...


on john mayer i have a sit so i dont need to worry to b early...and its goood cause im going with my mom and i dont think she feels like coming hours b 4 the show... she did it twice for mika and i think it was enough for her lol

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I was wondering this too. I got my tickets already, and i thought General Admin. would be first-come, first-serve, type of thing. But on the ticket it says: Section: G.A. Row: G3 Seat: 179. :confused: I have no clue now what is gonna happen. I guess i will have to wait and see :biggrin2:

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