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Spare Ticket For Birmingham


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would so love that!.....how much do u want for it hun?......what kind is it standing/seated/general admission(get there early type)? :biggrin2:


. It is an all standing gig - unreaserved freeflow (so don't worry your not stuck with me all night! LOL). Doors open at 19:00 - first come first to the front. No under 14's without an adult.


Hope this helps

Cathi XX

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dunno how to get the where bouts are you?....might hav2 get train im in ipswich....but desperateto see him live!:biggrin2:


25 is nothin' - try acting like a 35 year old teenager - scary!! LOL


I am in South Wales - can post recorded delivery or meet you with MFC (when they've decided where/when) in Birmingham on 17th

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dont fink i can do it hun.....trains gonna cost about £120 barmy!.....sorry....i wish i coulda gone....just cant afford that.......:tears:


Oh babe, I'm so sorry! I can find return tickets on the trainline for £59.70 - £65ish




or a bus for £45 (but 6 hours of travel) at:




but you would have to stay overnight so can add another £50 onto that (unless you can find someone with a spare bed -I might have depending on where we eventually decide to stay and if it costs the same for a twin as a single).


If not babe, I'm soo Sorry, but pm me if you find someone who's willing to take you.



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Remember we cant discuss cost on here .... we cannot sell tickets , please contact through email and class them as spare :thumb_yello:


Ive had to do some moding


Sorry Freddie *looks well and truly ashamed* I shall stand in this corner until I have learned my lesson.:blush-anim-cl::giveup::angel_not::sorry:

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