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i have a li'l question!


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mmmk, so i head (somewhere, i have no idea where) that alot of people dress up for mika's concerts. not crazy, but just like bright colors and tons of jewelery and everything just really bright and fun and that he loves it. my friend and i are going to the june 15th concert (SO EXCITED) and we wanted to do this. do people actually do this? i think we're going to either way, but i just wondered if anyone here is planning on doing it or if you've been and have or have seen people who have

and by the way, if you're going to the ny gig, i think it would be cool if we all dressed crazy! we could officially represent mfc pride!

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HEY!!! I'LL BE AT THE SAME CONCERT AS U!!!:biggrin2: :biggrin2:


I'm wearing a bright pink shirt that says "Pointlessly Delicious" on the front...and I'm gonna curl my hair but thats just about it...I'll throw on a pair of jeans or something!!!


yeah...go all out ppl love to dress up for his gigs

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ha HA! you guys make me giggle :wub2: yeah im making a sweeeeeeet mika t-shirt, i'll post it on here when it's done. so how excited are you for these concerts!!!!???? what are your plans? like every little thing, i love hearing details lol. i have mine all planned out down to the minute, i CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow is one month!!!

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