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Concert Footage!

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I was looking into buying a new digital camera anyway, but now that MIKA's concert is just around the corner I want the best kind... for like I don't know under $250....Does anyone have any suggestions... I really want good video quality... let me know what you think!




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i have a canon powershot A620, bought it last year for about 300 euro so it should be cheaper meanwhile (if it's still available), but i don't know how much it is in the states. it has excellent video quality, you can watch the videos full sceen on your monitor if you use the best quality, but then you just need a huuge memory card lol! :wink2: you also can get very good concert photos with it, but only if you use the manual mode - the automatic mode sets high ISO values for dark environments like concerts, and then the pix don't turn out clear.

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