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Given that I'm new, I suppose I'll start here. A little about me and where I heard of Mika.


I love music. It has purity of expression and endless elbow room for imagination, so a song created can be anything from the most tender depth of the soul, to the most superficial and bawdily entertaining, presented in wonderfully diverse colors of the writer's mood and personality. No matter who you are, there's sure to be a song that fits your heart perfectly.


I play piano, and I'm working on drums. Martial arts are another favorite passtime. I read a lot of classic literature.


I'd have to say that in general, a lot of my interests in music lean more toward the rock or oldies side- but that's not to say I don't listen to other things. My favored bands/artists would be Nat King Cole, Journey, Kiss, Billy Joel, and especially, Def Leppard and (my all-time, irreplaceable favorite) Queen...


Which is actually how I came to learn about Mika and his music, a swiftly becoming new favorite. I was looking up Brian May's website and saw how people were comparing him to Freddie Mercury. Skeptical like I am, I checked out some of his music thinking, "We'll see about that."


I was hoping he wouldn't be a Mercury imitator, even though taking inspiration from others isn't necessarily a bad thing. I wasn't disappointed. I could see a little why people compared him, but I still felt that Mika is a true and singular artist in his own right and that there wasn't really anyone he is quite like in style, voice, or songwriting. Therefor, I figure he must be himself.


And that's always a good thing.


There's why I'm a fan, and intend to stay one.

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Thanks. And, as far as any running away is concerned, it's too late for me now. I'm already entangled in this world of Mika- and I'm not the least bit sorry.

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Welcome to the club. :thumb_yello:


I first heard Mika back in January with his Grace Kelly hit. The moment I heard the song I was hooked.


You say you play the piano. I used to when I was at school many years ago. And I do mean years too. I am 33 now. I think I would be a bit rusty now if I tried it. Mika is brilliant at it. Gosh, he can make that piano sing!!


Have fun:blink:



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