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Mika T-Shirt?


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Have u a mika t-shirt?


Have u made it for ur self? How?


Have u bought a t-shirt from the fan-shop??


have u photoooos???


i just can pay in euro:( have u any ideas????


post post post!!

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Cool, I like it :D


In January, it's a long time ago now, really.

I hadn't heard of Mika before in April thought.


I just found out that I've been a fan since February. Doesnt seem like that long of a time. :bleh:

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thank u all!


@femi, oh i know this shop, but it´s just in pounds:S


@ rosie, very cute!!!!!!!!!! how have u create it?? and how it´s on t-shirt?


I printed it onto some special transfer paper and ironed it on :biggrin2:

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What? Amazing. First time I saw him was at "Først og sist".


I was already a big fan then! So I sat and smiled through the whole show. :biggrin2: I figured out that I had been a fan since Feburary, because I posted the Grace Kelly video on my blog. :bleh:

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great talk but that´s a thread about t-shirts;)


Sorry that we're off topic :)


Shocking! Where did you hear him the first time? :)


On Radio 1. I heard Grace Kelly and thought it was great :naughty:

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