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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :yay:

  2. yeah thanks a lot!! i really love her!! I'd love to learn how to turn the drumstick in the fingers as she do! When I try, it falls ! don't understand...
  3. i love irwin so much *sigh* but i don't forget mika of course! ^^
  4. yeah good ideas! I think i'll do happy ending family too with ballon, clouds, stars and everything...
  5. i'm disappointed i can't find tickets for Nimes! I think it's sold out!
  6. thank you! :biggrin2: I'm very honoured!
  7. sorry not a quizz but a website were you can see your love affinity with mika! I'm 97% (sorry if already post! ) http://www.celebmatch.com/birthdayform_31120_Mika.php
  8. Ever ever after Carrie Underwood, I've just saw Enchanted for the 1022500000 times!
  9. I HHAAAAAAAAATTE TOkio Hotel!!!!! i can't listen to them!
  10. OF COURSE i'll be there!!!! i can't miss him! I have my tickets for 5 month now but i just have to buy my train ticket... hey Fouchonneret, hope i'll see you!! it is a costumed gig? hope it is! i'm coming in train would be funny to see people face looking at me! ^^ It's the day of the bac 's results...I will be sooooo anguished!!!
  11. oooh thanks! I want to do more but i have no idea of family... except big girls...
  12. hiya! I've made a loot of mika fan-art! but the last was these ones, it's cards of the game of the sevens family (i don't know the name in english sorry) There aren't very beautiful but it's fun to make! This is the Lollipop Family And the Billy Brown family!
  13. What do you mean by "ive had a few message from irwin"????????? Did you met him???
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